Inspired by motorsports, driven by craftsmanship and engineered for exclusivity, B.R.M Chronographes is known for its passion for racing.

Committed to designing the ultimate wristwatches for motorsport enthusiasts, as well as collectors seeking rare and genuine pieces, Bernard Richards devoted two years to experimentation and development before delivering B.R.M’s inaugural timepiece in 2003 and establishing the company’s headquarters near Paris.

Designed with exceptional technical precision and never mass-produced, B.R.M Chronographes exemplifies true luxury, and as the only French watchmaking manufacture, the company’s timepieces are synonymous with individuality. From selecting the best metals, to setting the case, each stage of production is unique. The watches are never shaped by deformation, only through the removal of material, leaving their molecular structure intact. Machining tolerances are more like those used in nano-industries than in watchmaking. B.R.M Chronographes is a flight of fancy and cannot be pigeonholed.

A unique piece.

Day and night, with his coworkers, he turns and assembles pieces with the most complex appearances, those that others do not know how to shape anymore, making its own cases, hands, push-pieces and pin buckles. No stamped cases with built-in lugs, but rather separate machining of each component, which is what makes it so difficult to affix the lugs by screwing them onto the case. This way, different combinations of colours and materials are possible (black titanium case with polished stainless-steel lugs, grey titanium case with polished stainless-steel lugs). The cases are machined in bars of titanium 3m long, while most other watchmakers use a single stamping press to adjust a piece 16-18mm deep. This technical virtuosity can be expressed in figures, with a case being made up of eighteen different components, while a standard case would have only two or three.

The buckle of the strap has no fewer than twelve parts, instead of the usual three used in high-end watches.

For the hands, Bernard Richards could have settled for the hundreds of options offered by subcontractors, however he would not hear of it and designed perforated hands, which would not be out of place on the finest pedal units of transalpine carmakers.

The watches assembly screws are also specific, made up of three holes; it takes almost twelve times as long to machine them as it would for an average watch.

The movements powering the watches are made in Switzerland, while for some specific models, they are being fine-tuned to achieve the ultimate level of perfection.

Lastly, all the key tasks, from fitting to assembly, to setting to polishing, are done by hand.

For Bernard Richards, luxury is "attention to technical details and perfection at every stage".

Like in the car industry, watchmaking has its own wizards, known only to those involved in this microcosm of the quest for perfection. In this elite milieu, the phrase mass production is nowhere to be heard.

Today, with over 25 years' experience in watchmaking, B.R.M Chronographes produces 3,000 watches a year altogether.

Its reputation is built on quality, rather than quantity.